This Is For You New York Marathon Runners– Elie Hirschfeld

To The New York Marathon Participants:

With months of difficult endurance training behind you, its time to focus on the task at hand – the run! So in the spirit of competing in the New York City Marathon this weekend, I thought I would share some excellent advice to prepare for the race to ensure that competitors are functioning at their optimal level. The activities the day before the race are just as important as the race itself, by following these tips athletes are sure to get the most out of the marathon experience.

• Avoid Any Unusual Foods

• Stay Hydrated

• Stay off your feet and rest

• Go For a Short Run, If You Need It

• Stay Relaxed

• Get Inspired

• Get Your Gear Ready

• Plan Breakfast

• Don’t Stress About Lack of Sleep

• Plan to Get Up Early

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Here Is A Sneak Peek Before The Word Is Out– is UP!

Elie Hirschfeld Launches

 NEW YORK– New York real estate mogul, Elie Hirschfeld, officially announces the launch of, a website devoted to publicizing the renowned artists and New York centric paintings featured in his private collection.

“To me and many others, New York is the cultural epicenter of the United States. The city’s energy serves as a daily inspiration to the 2 million people who live and work in Manhattan. This same energy is a muse for some of history’s greatest artistic minds who harness its majestic nature in their notable works,” said Elie Hirschfeld, President of Hirschfeld Properties, LLC. “As a native New Yorker, my pride and passion for the city is exemplified in my art collection and I’ve developed into an avid collector with a private collection of hundreds of works of art. With this website, my goal to share them publically and engage art and New York City enthusiasts alike.”

The website currently features over thirty, privately held pieces ranging from bronze sculptures to charcoal drawings to oil on canvas.  Some of the artists showcased include Thomas Hart Benton, Andy Warhol, Raoul Dufy, Louis Lozowick and Ernest Lawson. Visitors to the site can also contact Hirschfeld via email with questions regarding his collection or New York art in general.

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Elie Hirschfeld

Elie Hirschfeld is an avid art collector who began his collection with “The Artists Show in Washington Square Park” by Thomas Hart Benton.  Since then, his private collection has grown to hundreds of New York scenes housed in his Manhattan home. Some notable works include Andy Warhol’s “Brooklyn Bridge” and Karel Appel’s “Untitled.”  Elie Hirschfeld serves as President of Hirschfeld Properties, LLC, a NYC based development firm.

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Elie Hirschfeld Launches

NEW YORK – New York real estate mogul, Elie Hirschfeld, officially announces the launch of, a website detailing the tycoon’s enthusiasm for theatre and spotlighting highly-acclaimed Broadway shows co-produced by Hirschfeld Productions.

“My goal is to share my love for theatre through my personal story. With this website, I hope to inspire people to engage in the arts and develop a lifelong passion, as I have,” said Elie Hirschfeld of Hirschfeld Productions.

The website currently features three productions: Oleanna, Equus and Passing Strange. It offers a brief synopsis of each play, provides links for additional information, and posts past reviews of each production. Additionally, if a visitor to the site is interested in finding out more about Hirschfeld Productions, he or she is able to connect with Hirschfeld directly via email.

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Hirschfeld Productions

Elie Hirschfeld is a Tony Award voting member of The Broadway League and produces/co-produces Broadway shows including Passing Strange and Equus. Hirschfeld’s Tony Award winning production, “Passing Strange” is now launching the movie version of the shows at the IFC Center in NY, on Showtime, and soon on PBS. Elie Hirschfeld serves as President of Hirschfeld Properties, LLC, a NYC based development firm.