This Is For You New York Marathon Runners– Elie Hirschfeld

To The New York Marathon Participants:

With months of difficult endurance training behind you, its time to focus on the task at hand – the run! So in the spirit of competing in the New York City Marathon this weekend, I thought I would share some excellent advice to prepare for the race to ensure that competitors are functioning at their optimal level. The activities the day before the race are just as important as the race itself, by following these tips athletes are sure to get the most out of the marathon experience.

• Avoid Any Unusual Foods

• Stay Hydrated

• Stay off your feet and rest

• Go For a Short Run, If You Need It

• Stay Relaxed

• Get Inspired

• Get Your Gear Ready

• Plan Breakfast

• Don’t Stress About Lack of Sleep

• Plan to Get Up Early

For additional information visit:

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