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Elie Hirschfeld Launches

NEW YORK, November 18, 2009 – New York real estate tycoon, Elie Hirschfeld, officially announces the launch of, The website, devoted to both novice and expert triathletes, serves as go-to source for tips and inspiring stories while simultaneously commemorating the mogul’s 25th consecutive year as a competitive triathlete.

“I strongly encourage others to partake in triathlons because they have changed my life for the better,” says Elie Hirschfeld, President of Hirschfeld Properties, LLC.  “Not only do I receive physical and emotional satisfaction from the training and competition, but I am also able to contribute philanthropically to a variety of worthwhile charities including the Century 100 mile ride in Philadelphia for the Lance Armstrong Foundation, Century 100 mile ride in NYC and NJ for MS, the NYC Marathon for Central Park Conservancy and multiple triathlons for the Ironman Foundation.”

The website, intended to foster athletic development, currently features triathlon training advice ranging from nutrition to endurance building.  In addition, the site includes news stories from Hirschfeld’s recent races to serve as motivation for like-minded sports enthusiasts.  Visitors to the site can engage Hirschfeld via email with questions and receive support to help them achieve their sports and fitness goals.

 For more information, visit

 Elie Hirschfeld, Sport

 Elie Hirschfeld began competing in triathlons at the age of 35.  Since then, he has completed 25 consecutive years of competitive races including the Maccabi Games and the world-famous Hawaii Ironman World Championship in 1990, the 12th Ironman in history.  Elie Hirschfeld currently serves as President of Hirschfeld Properties, LLC, a NYC based development firm.

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