You never know what life may throw at you

Case in point, I recently participated in my 29th annual Mighty Hamptons Triathlon in Southampton, NY and it turned into a most unusual experience for me running that race to date. But it was not because of the thrill that I get from competing, or from the fact that I was coming off an injury that had kept me from running for several weeks.

It was unusual because of the surprise I got at the starting line.

As part of the race materials every competitor is assigned, we each get a swim cap to use in the water section of the race. For this particular race (and unbeknownst to me beforehand) men got yellow; women got white.

Someone apparently looked at my name and assumed I was female, and so put a white swim cap in my race packet. As I joined the white wave for the start of the race, I looked around and saw I was the only man in a group of 100 female racers.  Having participated in more than 100 triathlons, Marathons and IronMan races, I knew I had no choice now as my wave had already gone; so I simply went along with my very attractive new group.  And with that starting motivation, I finished in a speedy time of two hours and 55 minutes!

What a great way to start a triathlon. And I can’t wait for next year – number 30.


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