You never know what life may throw at you

Case in point, I recently participated in my 29th annual Mighty Hamptons Triathlon in Southampton, NY and it turned into a most unusual experience for me running that race to date. But it was not because of the thrill that I get from competing, or from the fact that I was coming off an injury that had kept me from running for several weeks.

It was unusual because of the surprise I got at the starting line.

As part of the race materials every competitor is assigned, we each get a swim cap to use in the water section of the race. For this particular race (and unbeknownst to me beforehand) men got yellow; women got white.

Someone apparently looked at my name and assumed I was female, and so put a white swim cap in my race packet. As I joined the white wave for the start of the race, I looked around and saw I was the only man in a group of 100 female racers.  Having participated in more than 100 triathlons, Marathons and IronMan races, I knew I had no choice now as my wave had already gone; so I simply went along with my very attractive new group.  And with that starting motivation, I finished in a speedy time of two hours and 55 minutes!

What a great way to start a triathlon. And I can’t wait for next year – number 30.


Father – Daughter Triathlon Training

Are you running with someone this weekend? Here I am with my daughter, Daniella, at the New York City Ironman in 2012. Daniella ran the last 9 miles of the event alongside me, from the GWB to the finish line and was a great inspiration during the toughest part of the race – the last part. Daniella runs her first Ironman this September in Reno, Nevada and I will be there cheering her onelie hirschfeld daniela hirschfeld triathlon 2012.

Aquaphor New York City Triathlon 2013

Elie Hirschfeld Triathlon 2013 NYCMy knee did not feel ready on Friday for New York City Triathlon competition.  I took advantage of the “deferral program”, gave race officials notice of inability to race and got a guarantied spot for next year.  I regret not racing in this hometown event where the run can be seen from my apartment. But I have learned over the 28 years of doing triathlon that I have to take good care of my body.  I have only missed a couple of events over the years, so I feel quite blessed to have successfully completing over 100 events including 3 Ironmans, some 10 Half Ironmans and over 10 marathons.  I look forward to my 28th consecutive Mighty Hamptons Triathlon in September.

I am pleased to have inspired one of my property managers, Ari Schertz of Aras Properties to race his first Olympic distance Triathlon today in the NYC Triathlon.  He did very well and I am very pleased.  He is in his late 40’s finished in the excellent time of 2 Hours 36 Minutes.

2013 RJA Memorial Mighty Montauk Triathlon

elie hirschfeld triathlon This will be the one of the few times in the last several years that I won’t be participating in the RJA Memorial Mighty Montauk Triathlon, due to a minor injury that has me sidelined for a little while. Sending best wishes to all the incredible athletes who will participate.  I am looking forward to competing in the Mighty Hamptons Olympic Distance Triathlon in September.